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Confessions of an It Director Managing It Spend

Confessions of an It Director Managing It Spend

“Who ordered this? We don’t have the budget for it!” I knew our IT budget would be tight this year, so this last $50K upgrade invoice is really throwing my budget totally out of whack. During our last quarter meeting, one of my Project Managers (PM) mentioned this...

Contract Wisely

Contract Wisely

The current economic downturn has transformed a number of industries from sellers’ to buyers’ markets. Corrugated is the poster child. Now is the time to lock in favorable pricing. But be wise as you contract. Those who are short-sighted may suffer the consequences as...

Contract Management in the Middle Market

Contract Management in the Middle Market

I went through the Aberdeen research library last week and found an older study on Contract Management in the Mid-Market which had some interesting findings. At the high level, Aberdeen states: Mid-sized companies tend to lag in terms of technology adoption; with...

Sourcing Services

Sourcing Services

This month, I received my copy of Contract Management Magazine and noticed an article written by a couple colleagues I know in Washington DC – Raj Sharma and Jim McIntosh. They are also pretty well known in procurement circles...

Austerity & Procurement

Austerity & Procurement

It never ceases to amaze me that during harsher economic times, organizations choose to reduce/cancel budgets for procurement projects. It is understandable for those functions that are more client-facing, where revenues are challenged, but why the procurement budget?...

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